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BMW S1000RR 2019
« em: 08 de Setembro de 2018, 10:56 »
China’s intellectual property office has published a design registration revealing what appears to be a new 2019 BMW S1000RR. 

The new design retains some of the S1000RR’s signature features such as the asymmetrical fairing with a gill-like pattern on the right side and a single opening in the bodywork on the left. The new design, however, does away with the S1000RR’s asymmetric headlights, opting for a pair of matching lights on either side of the central air intake.

As we saw from the prototype in the spy photos, the new design shows a completely different-looking engine. It’s still an Inline-Four, with the four header pipes merging into two before entering a collector likely containing the catalyst and finished off with a silencer that looks quite a bit smaller than the one on the 2018 model.

The chassis has been revised as well with a new frame. We couldn’t get a good look at it in the spy photos but judging by the design illustrations, the frame rises gently from the rear engine mounting plates before suddenly turning up at a steeper angle from just behind the cylinder head. The rear subframe is a new trellis design while the swingarm also appears to be completely new.

We can’t see the instrumentation very clearly but from the sides it appears the S1000RR is getting a rectangular display, no doubt a color TFT screen. The 2019 S1000RR will also likely receive a number of electronic upgrades that make good use of the digital display.

Notícia completa e imagens :" border="0 Suzuki VStrom 650
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