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Alterar o Visor
« em: 21 de Maio de 2012, 14:30 »
Olá, Boa tarde

 Quem me poderá dizer, como se muda Milhas para KM na X9 250.


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Re: Alterar o Visor
« Responder #1 em: 21 de Maio de 2012, 18:43 »
Encontrei uma explicação em Inglês (que contrei num forum) e que espero que te ajude.
Usa o Google Tradutor para traduzir  _lol_

«Turn ignition key to "off".  Hold down either the RHS two buttons or the LHS two buttons on the digidash (I can't remember which.  One combination does a test of the dials, making them all go up to the max and then down to min.  The other combo toggles between miles and kilometers), and then keeping the buttons held down, turn the key to "on".

It's no good asking Q's about next-generation 22nd century biking technology like you get on scooters, on this site.  It's full of Luddites who still ride bikes with clutches and footbrakes»
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